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Clisby has developed many highly innovative products over its long history, the most remarkable being the Repco engine heads for the Jack Brabham car that won three world championships but also many compression and process flow designs in compressed air or gas. Today the company maintains its historical engineering business and is continually developing new products.


Design is essential in engineering, it can improve function, reduce cost, increase efficiency and attract appeal. Clisby uses modern design software and young talent to set its products apart and continually reinvests to maintain its position within the market place.

Please contact us for your design require and we will be pleased to assist you.



The Clisby factory and hardstand is of sufficient size to undertake large jobs, it maintains welding bays, machine shop and a painting booth with enough associated tools, lifting equipment and vehicles to perform in house or field work services. The type of fabrication normally conducted are skid packages, pipe spools, power generators, fuel storage tanks and pressure vessels/ compressor packages and can be summarised as:

  • Rotating Equipment: Compression, pumps and power generation.
  • Pressure Vessels: 10 litres to 100,000 litres in an extensive range of pressures to AS1210 and ASME V111 with NB and third party as requested.
  • Well Head: Well heads, pipe spools, water filtration, water/oil/gas separators, control, compression and pipelining.
  • Process: Nitrogen Generators, air compressors, desiccant dryers, filtration, pipe spools and control
  • Fuel Storage: Double wall self bunded, designed fit for purpose in a variety of sizes to Australian Standards and compliance. The tanks are available with dispensing equipment and safety features including anti syphon, anti over fill and auto gauging as required.

Clisby is fully committed to worker safety and is an accredited and audited Achilles vendor.




Clisby through its associate Dancomair has developed a range of power generators for large applications both off grid and uptake to the grid or a mix of both. The generators range from 500kv to 2000kv, most have sound attenuation and are driven by natural gas, methane, biogas or diesel.