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Corporate Privacy Policy

Clisby Engineering is a company supplying energy, resources and mining infrastructure services to a growing number of customers in Australia.
Clisby Engineering shall comply with the Commonwealth Privacy Act and all relevant Industry Codes of Practices regarding the disclosure of personal information acquired on employees and customers.
Access to employees and customers’ information, particularly sensitive information (including health, personal & religious beliefs, criminal records, sensitive company information etc.) will be considered as highly private and confidential. Only Clisby Engineering employees who have an explicit need to access and view this information to perform their position and tasks shall be given authority. All employees will take appropriate actions to ensure access to confidential or proprietary information is appropriately restricted and controlled within the workplace.
Non-employees will not be granted access to confidential employee and customer information unless their association with the company requires access to specific pieces of such information, and they have signed a confidentiality agreement, or unless required by law.
Clisby Engineering shall not request information from employees or customers that is not considered necessary for company business and the information collected shall not be unreasonably intrusive.
Clisby Engineering shall not release any personal information relating to employees or customers to a third party unless, both parties have given approval, it has been clearly.
Upon request, employees and customers may obtain a copy of their personnel records unless there are mitigating circumstances, which may include a threat to life or health, other people’s privacy, the request is considered frivolous or vexatious or there are legal proceedings.
Once a piece of confidential information regarding an employee or customer is no longer valid or required then it shall be destroyed, preferably via shredding.