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The Clisby range of compressors are engineered to deliver superior performance, and extended service life.

Durability and Thermal Efficiency

Cast iron compressors have good wearing characteristics, but are thermally inefficient. Aluminium compressors have thermal efficiency, but lack the wearing characteristics. World class CLISBY design combines the advantages of both by using a steel grade cylinder line for durability, with close pitched pressure cast aluminium for excellent heat dissipation.

Unrivalled Performance

CLISBY have established the optimum speeds to deliver maximum air output with efficiency. While high driven speeds increase theoretical capacity, characteristically those compressors suffer thermal & volumetric inefficiencies.

Volumetric Efficiency

The CLISBY reed valve and fine head tolerances leave an absolute minimum area for volumetric inefficiency.


High Standards ensure realiability and service, but a full twelve (12) month warranty gives complete confidence.

Features like these make the “CLISBY” the ultimate compressor for industrial, recreational, and workshop applications.